Konte has many options to help you build the site footer in the easiest way. It supports widgets, menu, Instagram feed, social icons, etc on the footer. You can change the order of them, set the background, the text color or disable unused sections you don’t want to use.

Unlimited Footers

Konte gives you the full control of your site footer. You can find all options in Customize > Footer.

Order Footer Sections

Just drag and drop then you will have the footer layout you wish to have. Besides, you can also disable any section. Like the header, the Footer Main section has 3 columns that you can add elements to build your own footer.

Footer Background

Konte has options to change the background of the footer. Along with it, you can change the text color of the site footer.

Footer Widgets

Basically, Konte must supports widget on your footer. You can add anything to your footer to promote your products, help people access your website pages easier, etc. You can also select the number of columns for the Footer Widget section.

Custom Content

Another basic thing you should have with Konte. It helps you add anything you want to your site footer. On our demo site, we use it to add the subscribe form to the footer.

Social Icons

Konte supports to display social icons on the footer. It is very easy to these icons to your footer with the friendly interface of the WordPress Menu system. You don’t need to looking for the icon, just paste the URL of your social channel, Konte will know what the icon should be used.

And More

Copyright, footer menu, language switcher, currency switcher, custom text, etc. There are many things you could place on your website’s footer.


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